Troopers: Slow Down for Thanksgiving Holiday

Statistics show Thanksgiving is the most dangerous time of the year out on the road.

State police said 11 people died on Kentucky’s highways last Thanksgiving. 

AAA predicts some 46 million Americans will be traveling to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family this year.  That’s the most drivers on the road since 2007.

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Troopers said anytime there’re more people on the road it is cause for concern.
Last year, state police said 11 people died on Kentucky highways during the Thanksgiving holiday.

KSP is reminding drivers to remember the basics and be safe: wear a seatbelt, don’t drive distracted or impaired and go slow.
“We don’t change our story depending on what holiday it is,” said Trooper Robert Purdy.  “These are the same principals we preach 365 days a year.”
Troopers said they don’t want to write tickets, they just want drivers to follow the rules of the road.