UPDATE: Man Kills Himself, Stabs Ex-Girlfriend in Pulaski Co. School Parking Lot

Somerset Police say Angie Lynn Rodriguez had just dropped her child off at Meece Middle school when officers say Marcos Popche tried to kill her.

Police say school had already started so no children were present when the stabbing happened around 8:00 Tuesday morning.

Officers found Marcos Popche, 30, and Angie Lynn Rodriguez, 32, both with multiple stab wounds.

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They say the two had been dating and recently broke-up.

According to police, Popche arraigned to meet with Rodriguez after she dropped her child off at school then got in her car and handed her a note.

“He had written words similar to: ‘I love you and that’s why we’re both going to die.’  She became uncomfortable about the situation and feared for her safety and unbuckled her seatbelt and shortly thereafter was stabbed multiple times by Marcos Popche,” said Capt. Shannon Smith with the Somerset Police Department.

Police said Rodriguez was stabbed about ten times then Popche turned the knife on himself.

He died at UK hospital. 

Police say Rodriguez is still at UK hospital with life threatening injuries.