Kynect Open Enrollment Starts Saturday


After a successful first year, Kynect, Kentucky’s state-based health benefit exchange, will begin it’s open enrollment period Saturday, November 15.

Governor Steve Beshear’s office said since Kynect has opened, around 521,000 residents have enrolled in the program. That’s about one in every ten Kentuckians.

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Kynect opened on October 1, 2013. Officials said the first open enrollment period was a success.

Kynect came into the national spotlight during the President’s State of the Union address earlier this year. President Barack Obama even referenced Governor Beshear in his speech.

"And if you want to know the real impact this law is having, just talk to Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky, who’s here tonight," the President said. "Kentucky’s not the most liberal part of the country. That’s not where I got my highest vote totals. But he is like a man possessed when it comes to covering his commonwealth’s families."

Beshear said Kynect tore down barriers for hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians, including 75 percent of applicants who said they did not have insurance before the Affordable Care Act.

The governor will be making an announcement at 1 p.m. Monday about the future of the program.  One expected improvement will be a mobile app version of Kynect.