New Stores Open at the Fayette Mall

A big day for Fayette Mall as the middle wing reopens with more than a dozen new stores.

13 new stores are open in the area that used to be Sears.

The construction project lasted about ten months since Sears closed.

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When everything is done there will be around 30 new stores in its place.

More parking has also been added and now there’s a bus stop in the front parking lot.

A couple stores plus Cheesecake Factory opened a few weeks ago and shoppers couldn’t be more excited. Some were even surprised with how good the mall looks.

 “I guess you just didn’t realize that it could be done and it can it’s just amazing,” said shopper Wilma Chaney.
 “It’s really nice you’ve got a lot of different stores,” said shopper Melissa Maggard.  “Anything you want to shop for today you can find it here.”
“There’s no place to go but Lexington to do your shopping,” said shopper Beth Harmon.  “All the stores are so neat and clean and pretty.  It’s just a good place to spend the day.”
More stores are expected to open at Fayette Mall in January 2014.