Grimes Concedes, Supporters Hope For Another Run


There are no moral victories, no second place finishes on Election Day. The Grimes campaign fell short to the incumbent. But supporters hope to see Grimes on the ballot in the future, in any office. A big name in Kentucky politics, Rocky Adkins said there’s no doubt President Obama played a role in the outcome of Grimes’ race.

"Alison done what she could to separate herself from the president on key issues that she differed with him on," said the House floor Majority Leader.

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Adkins said that plus, expensive attack ads against Grimes played a role. Supporters though, were very disappointed in the outcome of this Election Day.

"I thought things were in place, ground game was ready to go. Sometimes you can’t overcome those multi-million dollar TV ads and slams and attacks, but we’ll live to fight another day," said Don Butler, a Grimes supporter.

"This is heartbreaking. I cannot believe people in KY are so ignorant to the facts and believe lies and try to connect her because of Obama and coal," added Shaunte Wireman.

The Grimes campaign didn’t indicate any chance that they might run again for an election in the near future. Supporters though loved that idea saying they’ll go where she goes.

"I’d love to see her run for Governor. Any office she’d run for she’d make an excellent candidate," said another supporter.

"Absolutely, absolutely she has my vote in whatever she decides to run for, she has my vote," said Wireman.

During Grimes’ concession speech, the democratic candidate and Kentucky Secretary of State talked about the 16 month journey that was her campaign.

"Along that journey,we showed this nation what the Commonwealth is truly capable of."