What Voters Need To Know Before Voting Tuesday

In May, only 22 percent of registered voters came out to vote in the primary election in Fayette County.

County Clerk Don Blevins said half the registered voters are expected to vote in the county in Tuesday’s general election.

It’s not just the higher turnout that could create a few lines at the polls Tuesday.

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Along with the high-profile races for Lexington Mayor and U.S. Senate, voters will also have choices for council seats, county jobs, and representatives at the state level.

Blevins said, "Local politics influence our lives much more than national does, so if you want to really influence your life, this is an election you don’t want to miss."

With a big ballot, people are expected to take a longer time to vote.

The County Clerk’s office has asked people to come prepared to the ballot, with I.D.

A sample ballot for each Fayette County voter can be found at the clerk’s website, here, which can be taken to the polls.

As usual, the polls are expected to be busiest in the morning and evening, before and after regular work hours.

While most voters will go to the same location as they did in the primary, the clerk’s office said 8 of the county’s 291 precincts have changed location.

Voters affected by those changes were mailed postcards last week about the changes.