Garth Brooks Back in the Bluegrass

Garth Brooks @ Rupp Arena
Garth Brooks is back in the Bluegrass this weekend for the first time in 16 years. 

He is performing four concerts at Rupp Arena; two Friday night and two Saturday night. 

Concert ticket sales broke records and more than 80,000 people are expected in the Downtown Lexington area throughout the weekend. 

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The city plans to handle the crowd much like after a UK basketball game but this weekend there are two shows each night.  As people are trying to leave the 6:30 concert, more will be coming for the show that starts at 10:30. 

The city is encouraging people to carpool and Lexington Police are asking drivers to be patient with all the traffic. 

Garth Brooks thinks that traffic is a good sign. 

“That just tells me that this place is what I remember it being,”  said Brooks.  “It’s very sweet that they turned out and also maybe makes me think that the last time was maybe worth coming to see again that even though I’m like 110 years old now, I got to tell you it’s in the back of my mind if there’s ever, good Lord willing, another time we get to come here- that’s what we’ll be selling here tonight.”

The city has reserved two parking lots off High and Manchester Streets for people going to the 6:30 show on Friday or Saturday night.  Parking is a reduced rate of $15, cash only. 

Spots are available off Old Frankfort Pike and New Circle Road for $10, also cash only, if people are going to the 10:30 shows.  There is a bus that will shuttle people to the Heritage House near Rupp arena. 

It’s tough to tell who is more excited about these concerts, the fans or Brooks himself. 

“It’s where we did our first show,” said Brooks.  “My brother was tour manager at the time, as soon as we got done we said ‘dude as quick as we can we got to get back here’ and we’ve been wearing out our welcome ever since.  There will never be a tour without Rupp Areana unless Rupp Arena chooses not to include it.  Trust me when I say top five places in the world, I’m including every place we’ve ever played and this place is the bomb.”