Pulaski County Jailer Sued For Sexual Harassment

A woman is suing Pulaski County’s jailer for sexual harassment, and she’s not the first person to make that accusation against Mike Harris. 

According to court documents, two other women sued Mike Harris and other Pulaski County officials.  Those cases were settled, each costing the county more than $130,000.

The latest lawsuit states Harris hired all the women who have sued, and he hired them to work under him as his assistant. 

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The lawsuit claims Harris used his power to prey on females and pressure them for sexual favors in exchange for employment, or keeping employment. 

"When Plaintiff resisted Jailer Harris’ sexual demands, he would become openly hostile and angry towards Plaintiff and threaten to ‘replace’ her," the lawsuit stated. 

"It is my hope that no other female county employee will have to go through anything like this.  If it were my daughter, you’d be interviewing me in the context of being a criminal defendant," said Robert Norfleet, the plaintiff’s attorney. 

Norfleet also represented the other two women.

Mike Harris was not at the Pulaski County jail while we were there.  We left messages for him, and also e-mailed him to give him a chance to respond. 

So far, we have not heard back. 

Harris lost in May’s primary, receiving less than 8% of the vote.  His stint as Jailer will end at the start of the new year.