UPDATE: Leaking Tanker Turns Interstate Into Parking Lot

Interstate 75 in Madison County reopened around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, but not before causing all kinds of headaches for a lot of people on the road and in some nearby homes.

A chemical spill happened on the northbound side of the Interstate around mile marker 96. 

It closed the Interstate for around six hours, which caused a traffic nightmare and forced people in some nearby neighborhoods to stay inside their homes as a precaution. 

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I-75 was closed from exits 90 to 97 because of the chemical leak, which resulted in a traffic backup of more than 10-miles. 
A Triad Transport Inc. tanker truck out of Oklahoma was pulled over by a state trooper because it was leaking something on the road.
Troopers weren’t sure how long it had been leaking so they closed the seven mile stretch of I-75 as a precaution.
The tanker was carrying ferric chloride, a chemical used for wastewater treatment that has an inhalation hazard and can be dangerous if it gets in the air.

The hole in the tanker was about two inches big. 

ABC 36 News talked with the truck driver who didn’t think much of the chemical got on the road.

Traffic was being diverted from I-75 to US 25 which quickly turned into a parking lot.
Madison County Emergency Management advised people living in the Madison Village, Lexington Heights and Clay Lane Estates areas to stay inside as a precaution.
Hazmat crews had to patch up the hole on the tanker and move it before they could begin cleaning up the interstate.
Southbound lanes opened first, followed by northbound lanes about an hour later.
Investigators were still trying to figure out what caused the hole in the tanker. 
The trooper who pulled the tanker over was taken to the hospital as a precaution but was expected to be OK.