Paris Cleans-Up from Tornado

Six tornadoes touched down in Central Kentucky on Tuesday leaving a trail of damage.
The National Weather Service said the same tornado touched down twice in the City of Paris.
Clean-up is underway and power has been restored to most people on Vine Street.
People were allowed back in their homes in that area after being evacuated Tuesday night.
The National Weather Service was out looking at damage.
Meteorologists said the tornado first touched down along Vine Street, which has the worst of the damage.
The winds there were estimated around 100-105 mph and the tornado itself was very narrow.  Meteorologists said the storm came up much quicker and stronger than expected.
The NWS said the tornado lifted then touched down again less than two miles away on the Stoner Creek Country Club Golf Course.
Damage was less severe and winds were only estimated around 65-95 mph but many tress were still knocked down and siding ripped off homes.
Safety crews said people only have minor injuries from the storm.
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