Fayette County Health Department Reviewing Ebola Plans

The Fayette County Health Department met with local hospital representatives and emergency management officials Monday morning to review their plans for a suspected Ebola case.

The health department wants to be sure there are no gaps in the plans and that each hospital is ready in the unlikely event that Ebola were to reach Kentucky.

Derek Forster with UK HealthCare said, "As long as the outbreak in West Africa is ongoing, there’s going to be ongoing risk for having cases in the United States."

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As of Monday, the only confirmed case in the U.S. was in Dallas.

Doctors said since there are no cases of Ebola in Kentucky, it likely will not spread here.

Dr. Kraig Humbaugh with the Kentucky Department for Public Health said, "This is a disease that you have to have contact, physical contact, with another person. It is spread through body fluids."

Doctors said the main Ebola risk is to the Kentuckians who travel to countries currently being impacted by the virus.