Lexington Police Plan Body Camera Pilot Program

Lexington Police say they’re trying to meet a public expectation before it becomes mandated by law.  Lexington police received a $160,000 federal grant for body cameras. The police plan to have a body camera pilot program. 

Lexington Police say the grant gives the plan a head start.

"We have a little shopping money, and we’re going to be using that and have already started using that," said Sherelle Roberts, Lexington Police Spokesperson.

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Roberts said the department has a few cameras already, but they’re in the very early planning stages.

KSP is still investigating what happened in Richmond when police shot and killed assault suspect Jesse Gibbons.  You can imagine how irrefutable video evidence would help an investigation.

"Any time that you have video, or any additional piece of evidence that’s going to help, because at the end of the day the most important thing that police need is the truth, and the best way to determine the truth is to have really reliable evidence," said Roberts.

Research from a California department using their cameras on about half their officers showed a 60% decrease in use of force, and an 88% decrease in complaints.  Roberts added with cameras, complaints against police were overturned more often.

"This is an opportunity to help keep the police and the public accountable, because when the video’s rolling the police can’t lie and the suspects can’t lie.  The police can’t lie and the victims can’t lie.  The video captures what actually happens," said Roberts.

LFUCG Public Safety Commissioner Clay Mason said he’s in favor of police wearing body cameras.