Eastern Kentucky antique stores drawing tourists


ISOM, Ky. (AP) — Five different antique stores scattered on a four-mile stretch of Route 7 are beginning to attract out-of-town collectors to the Isom area.

Gwen’s Country Attic, Addie’s Treasures, All In One Basket, Foolish Pleasures and Delana’s Little Shoppe make up Route 7 Antique Alley.

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Gwen Rollins, owner of Gwen’s Country Attic, says potential customers are more apt to drive two or three hours to browse through old treasures if a cluster of stores is located in one area.

Rollins says at least 75 percent of her customer base is made up of residents outside of Letcher County. Of the surrounding areas, Knott, Perry and Pike counties and Wise County in Virginia produce her biggest customers.

She says out-of-town customers also help the local economy by spending money at other area establishments.


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