Man & Woman Rescued from Flood Waters

A man and woman had to wait on top of the SUV they were riding in to escape floodwaters Thursday afternoon, according to officials.

Andrew Valenzula and a passenger were stuck when Valenzula attempted to drive through a flooded area.

He said that he had traveled the Browns Mill Road and Leestown Road area before and thought that he could drive through the high water without a problem.

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However, the Jeep’s engine stalled and would not start again, according to Valenzula.

That’s when he said the water started pouring into the SUV.

Valenzula and the woman managed to get out of the Jeep and climb on top of it, where they waited to be rescued by firefighters.

Fire crews were able to get lifejackets out to them, and Valenzula and his passenger were able to move out of the water safely.