Green Dot Program Helps Drop Sexual Violence at High Schools

Sexual violence in Kentucky high schools is dropped according to organizers of the Green Dot Program.
The program was tested in 13 high schools throughout the state and compared to 13 other high schools that were used as a control standard.
The 13 test high school students received training focusing on positive behavior and being able to identify situations that could lead to violence.
About 100,000 students participated in the program during the five-year study.
During that time researchers said sexual violence was cut in half.
“Students were able to take this on and make Green Dot part of their culture, part of the norm,” said Christy Burch, a Green Dot educator.  “So violence being not the norm anymore, people actually taking care of each other is now the new norm in Kentucky, something we can be so proud of in Kentucky.”
A former University of Kentucky faculty member came up with the program and it’s been used at the university since 2008.
This was the first time it was implemented at the high school level.

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