Patels Sentenced In Lexington Federal Court In Immigrant Harboring Case

A federal judge sentenced a Lexington couple convicted of underpaying workers and using illegal immigrants at their four Subway restaurants to serve 6-months in prison. 

The Patel’s pleaded guilty Thursday to different charges. 

The judge will allow the Patel’s to serve their time separately so one parent will be out, while the other one is locked. 

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After deciding she would go to prison first, Dakshaben Patel began to cry.

She pleaded guilty to tax evasion and not paying workers overtime. 

Amrutlal Patel pleaded guilty to not paying the overtime and harboring illegal immigrants. 

They already paid the back wages, which totaled about $10,000. 

Dakshaben will have to pay the IRS about $9,000 in back-taxes. 

They also have another substantial fee to pay of about $60,000. 

Dakshaben’s attorney put this case into the national immigration debate.

"At some point in time somebody in this country has to sit down and say we either are going to fix the problem, or we’re going to ignore it completely, but you can’t just pick two people.  You all live in this community.  Drive out to the horse farms in town, and see how many people are working on the horse farms that are here illegally, and so Mr. Prosecutor go out and prosecute some of the people who own the horse farms," said Mark Wohlander, Mrs. Patel’s attorney.

After serving his sentence, Mr. Patel will have to go to immigration court where he could be deported.