Parties Trade Ethics Complaints in Senate Race

Mitch McConnell & Alison Lundergan Grimes LOW-RES

The Kentucky Republican and Democratic parties have filed separate ethics complaints in the U.S. Senate race between Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes.

The first salvo came Friday from the GOP, which submitted a complaint to the Federal Election Commission. The GOP alleges Grimes accepted prohibited campaign donations from her father’s company.

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The Democratic Party filed its complaint with the Senate ethics committee.

Democrats claim that soon after McConnell had breakfast with a top airline executive in the Senate Dining Room, the executive contributed to McConnell’s campaign.

McConnell campaign spokeswoman Allison Moore says the Democratic complaint is a frivolous attempt to divert attention from Grimes’ problems.

A Grimes campaign spokeswoman called the GOP complaint a political stunt and said their compliance experts stand by the rental agreement the campaign made.