Lexington Humane Society: Dog Recovering After Cruel Branding

Felicity - Profaned Pup
The Lexington Humane Society said it was "horrified" to think of the pain an abandoned dog had suffered when someone used chemicals to burn a profane word onto its skin.

The non-profit said that the dog, who was named Felicity, had gone through a long healing process, but would still need plastic surgery and special care in order to be adopted.

LHS said its Second Chances Fund, which normally paid for surgeries like the one Felicity needed, was severely depleted due to the high number of animal abuse cases the shelter had encountered this year.

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The humane society was reaching out to the community in hopes of receiving some much-needed donations.

Workers said the Second Chances Fund was vital in giving Felicity and other animals the life-saving treatments they needed.

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