Woman Critically Injured After Falling Out Of Moving School Bus

School bus
State Police said that a bus monitor was critically injured after falling from a moving school bus.

Troopers said that it happened Wednesday around 4:00 p.m. on KY 830 in the Gray community of Knox County.

According to State Police, the bus monitor, Sueanne Sizemore, 63, went to pick up a clipboard that had fallen from a storage compartment into the bus stairwell.

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Troopers said the bus driver took his eyes away from the road to glance over at Sizemore to make sure she didn’t lose her footing.

And when the driver looked back at the road, State Police said he realized he was about to hit some mailboxes.

Troopers said he swerved the bus, and the sudden movement caused Sizemore to lose her balance.

According to State Police, she fell through the closed bus doors, hit the pavement and rolled into a ditch.

State Police said in a press release, "It was discovered during the investigation, that due to the likelihood of a child being injured, that the bus doors only require 43 pounds of pressure to be forced opened without the use of the opening lever. Once Sizemore fell against the doors, they easily opened allowing her to fall from the bus. Once the force is removed, the doors automatically return to their closed position."

Investigators said Sizemore was airlifted from the to UK Hospital.