Madison County Emergency Responders Practice At Airport


Emergency responders in Madison County rushed to a crash at the airport Wednesday afternoon.

While they responded, their every move was being watched and evaluated.

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"Ejected from the airplane. We came up short of the runway and I was ejected and it flipped and crushed me and it killed me and I was dead on arrival,” said Chase Adams, an actor playing the role of a plane crash victim.

The injuries are fake.

"Head injury and a liver injury,” described another actress.

But the scenario is all too real. Students interested in law enforcement and emergency response filled the roles of the injured and dead. But they came away with more than a nice coating of make-up and a good story.

"Maybe this will help me plan exercises and activities, seeing what they do and now knowing what they do firsthand,” said one student, currently interning with an emergency management agency.

In 2012, the National Transportation Safety Board reported 449 aviation deaths. The hope is, no tragedies like that occur at Madison Airport. If they do, the county’s emergency response needs to be precise and practiced.

"It’s important for all the responders to have a comfort zone out here at the airport,” said Madison County’s Emergency Manager.

Madison County Emergency Management crews said this type of training will become an annual event. There is already one scheduled for next Fall.