Berea Police Seeing Increase In Burglaries

Police in Berea said there have been 16 reports of burglaries in the last 30 days, a slight increase over what is typical for them in the summer.

Police are not sure what is causing the increase.

According to police, no one was home during any of the burglaries and that they’ve happened throughout the city.

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No arrests have been made at this time, but investigators have collected evidence and are still working on a number of the cases.

Most of the thefts have occurred when homeowners are out of town or on vacation, according to police.

They said next time you leave, make sure you tell a trusted neighbor, lock the house, close the garage, and have someone collect your mail.

A number of families in Berea said they they feel safer when they have a trusted neighbor watching their home while they are away.

If you live in Berea, and notify the police you will be out of town, they will check on your home daily to make sure everything is secure.

You can notify them in person at the police station or fill out a Residence Watch form on their website, found here.