Dry weather hurts potential yield for some farmers

dry crops

PRINCETON, Ky. (AP) — Every day it stays dry, it robs more yield from Greg George’s parched corn and soybean fields in western Kentucky.

He says it’s been about two months since many of his fields in Caldwell and Lyon counties got their last good soaking from a rain.

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So far, milder summer temperatures have spared him from the prospect of even paltrier yields. Still, George predicts much of his corn will muster yields of 100 bushels an acre. That’s well off last year’s 185 to 190 bushels per acre in what was one of his best grain crops ever.

The outlook for Kentucky’s upcoming harvest depends on where farmers live.

In north-central Kentucky, a much-needed rain recently perked up Doug Langley’s corn and soybeans at a time when they were suffering.


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