Parents Protect Daughters During Storm

The city’s cleanup has started after the weekend storms, but for one family, the damage goes beyond picking up tree limbs.

Theresa Smith was in the kitchen making breakfast at her home Sunday around 11:30 a.m. When she noticed her ceiling was falling.

"I heard the pop of the electric and heard the sound of the tree coming down," said Smith.  "I knew to run and by the time I came around the coroner, it was on my head."

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Four trees fell onto the Smith’s house while the whole family was home. 

That’s when Mom and Dad’s instincts kicked in gear.

Jazzmine Smith said she froze and her mom told her to take shelter in the hallway while her dad tried to find a safe spot for the family.

"we were trying to huddle up.  I was trying to make my way to a bedroom for a mattress to throw over top of them," said Art Smith, Jazzmine’s dad.  "you hope you can protect your family the best you can."

At 2 p.m. on Monday the family still had no power. 

Their shed was destroyed by the storm as well.

City crews are working to clean up homes affected. 

Officials said they normally would have five workers.  Monday, they had half the department working.

The family said their insurance put them up in a hotel, but they would like to get back as quickly as possible.

Crews will go inside the home to clean up once all the tree limbs have been removed.  That’s also when engineers can assess the cost of the damage.