Lexington Strives To End Homelessness Among Veterans

The federal government will give Lexington 51 new vouchers to help homeless veterans find permanent housing.

During winter homeless population check, Lexington shelters counted 78 homeless veterans.

After 10 years in the army, one man shares his struggle with us.

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After 9/11 many people received a call for service.  Ronnie Warner answered it, and joined the army.

After four deployments, the return to peace has not been easy.

"Some of the stuff I’ve seen over there, it’s just indescribable," said Warner, a homeless veteran. 

Warner finds talking about his PTSD helps.

"I have night terrors still.  I still have jumpiness.  I’m always startled a lot, and I just have reoccurring thoughts of stuff that I’ve seen over there," said Warner.

Warner became hospitalized, lost his apartment, and found himself on the streets.

Recently he interviewed for 15 jobs, and didn’t get any of them.

"It’s tough," said Warner.

Now he lives in transitional housing from the Catholic Action Center, and hopes for an opportunity to better himself.

"I know a little bit about how my brothers need, perhaps, a hand-up every once in a while," said Roger Leonard from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Help from HUD is on the way.  Warner will be eligible for one of the new vouchers.  He hopes to one day become a public speaker.

"People say I got the gift of gab, you can’t shut me up, said Warner.

In 2008 Lexington had none of the vouchers to help veterans.  Now, they will have 246.