New Dirt Track Being Laid At Keeneland

The first layer of the new dirt track at Keeneland started to be laid and compacted Monday morning.

The process of converting the track from synthetic Polytrack material to a dirt surface began in May.

Crews first removed the Polytrack material, upgraded the drainage system, and then placed a limestone foundation for the dirt to sit on.

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The dirt, which is a mixture of sand, silt, and clay, is being put down in 2 inch layers.

In total, the track will receive 3 layers of the dirt mixture, for a total depth of 6 inches.

Most of the 19,000 tons of the special dirt have already been trucked into Keeneland from northern Kentucky.

John Howard, the project manager, said, "We’ve got about 70 percent of it, so it’ll be coming in as we put it down. We’ll continue to receive material and by the time we get to needing it, the material will be here."

Howard said the process of placing and compacting the 3 layers of dirt should take about 10 days.