LPD Graduates Next Class of Officers

There has been a lot of focus on the importance of police officers in Lexington lately.

Now a few more officers will be on the streets.

The Lexington Police Department graduated its most recent class of officers Friday.

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The Police Academy lasted nine months.

The graduates have decided to live a life of service and risk their lives for the safety of others.

It’s a powerful responsibility.

The applicant pool started with 1,000 and only 17 graduated Friday.

They said the academy wasn’t easy but many are anxious to get out on the streets.
“Lots of studying law, you don’t just run around and see somebody breaking into a bank and lock them up.  A lot of little things you’ve got to know to be able to enforce all the different laws we’ve got on the books,” said Officer John Finley, a graduate and the recruit class representative.
The graduates were sworn in back in March to help with NCAA coverage and the July 4th Celebration in Lexington.
They now go on to 15 weeks of field training.