Mini Horse Hopes to Help Sick Kids Heal

Horses in the Bluegrass are a common sight but horses in a hospital are not.

One horse came all the way from Florida to help kids in Kentucky who are sick.

Magic is a miniature therapy horse that visits kids in hospitals.  She’s part of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses.

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She travels the country bringing joy and hopefully taking kids’ minds off the disease they’re fighting, at least for a little while.

“Horses just have a very special way of raising the endorphin levels, lowering blood pressure and making people feel happy and kind of removing thoughts,” said Jorge Garcia-Bengochea, Magic’s trainer.
The kids loved meeting Magic especially little Kyra who has a low-grade glaucoma brain tumor.  
“It’s rewarding, she deserves it, she deserves more,” said Amanda Smith, Kyra’s mom. 
“I wish I could give her more because she goes through so much.”

Magic was named the most heroic pet in America from AARP and is one of TIME magazine’s top ten courageous animals in history.