Protest At Jessamine County Hobby Lobby

There are plenty of strong feelings, on all sides, about the Supreme Court’s decision, allowing Hobby Lobby and other businesses to reject the birth control provisions for employees in the Affordable Care Act, citing religious reasons.

One such protest was in Jessamine County at a Hobby Lobby on Thursday. 

Protestors said the company’s choice to not fund four potentially life-ending drugs and devices is big business meddling in family’s choices.

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They held up signs that said things like, "Keep your rosaries away from my ovaries," to get the point across. 

Thursday’s protest came after the high court made its narrow ruling in a 5-4 decision.

"I feel that Hobby Lobby is allowing corporate control over families and family decisions. What should be couple decisions over birth control options, policies that we’re paying for through our health insurance," said Laura Derringer.

There was a lone dissenter at the protest.  David Adams said he understands the side of Hobby Lobby.

"This was a Supreme Court decision very narrowly affirming some freedom for people who happen to run a corporation," said Adams.

Hobby Lobby’s attorneys did not get back to ABC 36 on their reaction to the rally.

Some of the protestors said they will boycott the store.