Most Of Kentucky Experiencing Abnormally Dry Conditions

abnormally dry conditions

Half the commonwealth is abnormally dry according to UK’s College of Agriculture.  That might be an inconvenience for you, but for many farmers, it’s bad for business.

A Scott County tobacco field looks good from the perimeter, but you don’t have to go too far inside to see signs of stress and drought.

Tobacco’s known as a drought resistant crop, but Chuck Tackett says he noticed some plants turn within the last week.

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"The rain’s coming real hard, real hard, we’re getting a lot of run-off.  We’re not getting it soaked in, and the temperatures have come up," said Tackett.

Most of his tobacco plants are about waist high.  The dry and stressed plants stand knee high.  They stand out, because of their yellow coloring.

"Yellow’s bad right now.  At harvest time, yellow will be good," said Tackett.

Yellow’s also bad on the Drought Monitor map.  Most of central and southeastern KY are painted yellow, signifying abnormally dry conditions.

Tackett’s soil looks thirty.

"It won’t take a whole lot.  I will get this ground wet this time.  I’ll soak it," said Tackett.

He plans to irrigate the field this weekend, and is confident he will harvest a good crop.