Man Shot Dead on Chestnut Street in Lexington

It’s becoming an all too often occurrence in a neighborhood that is no stranger to violence.

“To be honest, I’m even scared to walk down that part,” Pamela Gordon said. “My uncle lives on Ohio Street, [and] I walk down Fourth Street and go down the other end of Ohio to get to their house.”

Then again on Wednesday morning, that violence struck again.

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"We have witnesses who reported hearing a single gunshot and we believe the victim had sustained a single gunshot at this point," Lexington Police Lieutenant Raymond Roller said.

Around 5:40 a.m., Lexington Police got a call from someone who heard that single gunshot on Chestnut Street. When officers arrived, they found a man lying on the side of the street.

"People can’t get along anymore, it [doesn’t] make sense," Gordon said.

This time, that violence turning deadly, claiming the life of 47-year-old Anthony Carter.

"I don’t like seeing the crime on Chestnut Street,” Sandra Parrish, a resident of Chestnut Street said. “I don’t know what might happen to my grand kids . . . I don’t want to see [anything] happen to them.”

As police investigate this shooting, neighbors we talked with said they are counting on the city and the police to do something about cutting down crime in the East End neighborhood.

Police said they have not made any arrests. However they are looking for a person who was riding a bicycle in the area at the time. Police believe that person may have information about the shooting.

If you have any information contact the Lexington Police Department.