Central KY Police Seeing More Underaged Moped Riders

Cop Pulls Over Moped Rider
Some Central Kentucky police departments are concerned about the growing number of underage drivers who are using mopeds.

Police in Berea and Frankfort have both said that if they suspect that an underage driver is riding a moped on a public roadway, they will be pulled over.

Officers remind everyone that in order to ride a moped, you must have a valid driver’s license.

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It is also against the law for children to ride mopeds on roadways; they are allowed to ride only in their backyards.

And regardless of the driver’s age, officers want the community to remember that mopeds are not allowed on any interstates.

Riding a moped on an interstate could result in $200 in court costs on top of being ticketed.

In addition, police said all mopeds must be properly equipped, including rear-view mirrors and footrests, before they can be operated.