Kentucky Veterans Visit World War II Memorial

Raymond Farley In DC
It was seventy years ago on Friday that American troops stormed the beach at Normandy and clashed with soldiers of a Nazi-Occupied France. It was a defining moment that marked a shift in World War II toward allied powers. Veterans of the assault on Normandy Beach commemorated that day with President Obama and other worldwide leaders in Washington.

Thirty World War II Vets from Kentucky, including four with direct ties to the storming of Normandy Beach were at the Commemoration on Friday. It was all thanks to an honor flight that started off in Louisville, and then stopped at Bluegrass Airport to pick up more vets. The daylong free trip took vets from World World II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war to Washington to visit their respective memorials.

We spoke with one Veteran named Raymond Farley who said, “I was lucky. Uh, I came under fire many, many times, but I didn’t do much firing. Mostly, we just kept moving up, you know. There was…uh…well…it was quite an experience." Honor Flight Bluegrass says the country loses fifteen hundred World War II veterans over five hundred Korean Veterans daily.

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They hope to take as many vets to their memorials as possible. Those Veterans will be returning to the Bluegrass Airport at 7:45 p.m. Friday night, and we will be there to greet them. Raymond Farley’s son sent us a photo’s of his dad in Washington at the World War II Memorial. We will talk to him when he gets back. We wish him and all our veterans safe travels and thank them for their service.