Lightning Strikes Georgetown Church; Sparks Fire

Many people across the area cleaned up storm damage.  At Georgetown’s Church of the Nazarene, they’re also cleaning up from a fire.  The church’s pastor says lightning hit the cross and steeple on top of the building.

"It’s just been a blessing.  It has not been a bad thing.  Today is not a bad day.  It’s a good day," said Pastor Mike Justice.

He’s looking at the positives after the church suffered water, structural, and electrical damage.

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"God is good regardless.  In the midst of all this, God is still good.  He takes care of all of us.  This could be catastrophic.  Nobody’s hurt.  This is just stuff.  He owns it all, and he’s gonna give it back to us.  It’s all good."

At about 4 AM, Justice got the call nobody wants.  Somebody called to say the church was on fire.

"Everything’s racing through your mind of oh no, what’s going on?  How bad was it?  What are we gonna do Sunday," said Justice.

After the lightning strike, Justice says the steeple exploded.  Pieces of it landed all over the church’s yard.

Why would lightning strike a cross?  Justice isn’t asking. 

"I don’t search for meaning behind that. God is good all the time, and he’s gonna bring good out of any kind of situation," said Justice.

Justice says if the fire department showed up 10 minutes later, this church would not exist.  There’s a reason the fire department made it in time. 

Georgetown College sits next to the church. 

A church member works there as an overnight security officer.

He heard the boom, saw the explosion, and called 911 immediately.

"I’d like to thank Scott Schwarberg.  He saved our building.  His fast action and the fire department’s fast action just really blessed my heart," said Justice.