Voter Turnout Lower Than Low Predictions

State election officials predicted low voter turnout for Tuesday’s elections.  The turnout was worse than expected.

In Fayette County roughly 2/10 registered voters actually voted. 

77.7% of the voters never went to the polls. 

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Fayette County’s Clerk says voter turnout was so bad, it was like he threw a party and no one came.

"I feel like we can do better," said Don Blevins, Fayette County’s Clerk.

Turnout was so low, one vote counted for nearly 5 registered voters.

"I want more people to vote, because when we have such a low turnout you don’t get results that are truly representative of a democracy.  You get more of a popularity contest.

Come November, Don Blevins asks people to vote because it’s a civic duty, and because American soldiers have fought and are fighting to make sure we can vote.

"These are hard fought freedoms.  Lots of people around the world wait for hours and hours and long lines to vote.  And here it’s convenient, 5-minutes away from your home typically.  There’s just almost no reason not to," said Blevins.

Statewide, voter turnout was only 27%.  State officials hoped for 30%