Madison Co. Tornado Sirens Sound By Mistake, Causing Confusion

Madison County Tornado Sirens
Although the skies were bright and sunny Wednesday in Madison County, people could hear emergency sirens alerting them of potential danger.

According to officials, the siren system is only activated during severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings and chemical incidents at the Bluegrass Army Depot. The sirens are followed by a voice message to alert everyone about the warning.

Even though no imminent threat was detected, the sirens still went off, but without a voice message.

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This left some people in the area confused and scared.

Officials with Emergency Management said someone activated the siren because of confusion about the difference between a watch and a warning.

All residents in Madison County have indoor alert boxes due to their closeness to the Army Depot, and officials said an advisory message was sent to those boxes to let everyone know about the accidental activation.

Since emergency alerts vary from county to county, they advise everyone to make sure an NOAA radio is on hand and to tune in to local radio or TV stations for information in the event that sirens are sounding.