Richie Farmer Items Auction For More Than $21,000

The state sells off items former Ag Commissioner Richie Farmer bought. 

The Department of Fish and Wildlife holds a surplus auction twice a year.  This year, they also sold some items for the Department of Agriculture.

This spring auction brought in more than 400 bidders.  An auctioneer says that is twice the normal amount.

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So many people came, because the list of items included knives and rifles Richie Farmer bought. Farmer planned to give them out as gifts.  A judge ruled he purchased them illegally, using some of your tax dollars.

Before the auction began, people said the guns were the same as any other rifle.  People said the decorative knives were useless.  When the bidding started, prices rose quickly. 

Larry Doucet bought two knives.  He spent $950  total, which he says is a deal.

"They’re still significant.  They’re collectors items, regardless.  So, it’s definitely worth having," said Doucet.  He planned to spend up to $5,000.

Farmer bought the knives for about $90 and the guns for about $500.  The guns sold for more than double.

"Old wife will probably throw me out of the home," said Jack Stephens who spent more than a grand on a rifle.

Matt Gosser also dropped more than a thousand.

"It was a little cheaper than I thought," said Gosser.

All the rifles were the same, but one stood out.  One gun’s serial number ended in 32: Farmer’s basketball number.  This was his personal rifle.

It fetched $1,400. 

Ag Commissioner James Comer plans to use the money raised to fund an urban garden project.