Lexington Houses Hit By Bullets

Two Lexington homes were hit by bullets Thursday night in what witnesses said appeared to be a gun battle.

Police received several calls at around 11 p.m. about shots fired in the 400 block of Scottsdale Drive.

Officers reported hearing more shots when they arrived and spotted two men running from the scene.

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Police ran after them and said they caught up with the men on Russell Cave Road.

One of them, Vondre Smithers, was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

However, police said Smithers was not connected to the shooting.

The other man was not arrested

Police said shell casings were found in front of a home on Scottsdale Drive and on Saint John Court.

Witnesses told police there were at least three people involved and that they appeared to be shooting at each other.
Police said two guns were recovered and they are still investigating.