Lawmakers Consider Renovations To Rupp Arena

Rupp Arena
Lawmakers are considering the latest plan to fund renovations at Lexington’s Rupp Arena, but the new plan comes as the General Assembly session is just about to end.

So far, nobody has proposed a bill in Frankfort today, and there isn’t any guarantee that anyone will before the session ends.

If the Senate votes, it would be on a plan to give Lexington 80 million dollars to renovate Rupp.

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Previously the Senate rejected a plan to send 69 million dollars for Rupp.

Last night Mayor Gray gave Senators more information, and said he would get rid of a plan to raise Fayette County’s hotel/motel tax.

The session has to end at midnight.

If nothing happens, Lexington will not get this money right now.

Mayor Gray says he is optimistic the state will approve the money.

Governor Beshear says the house is ready to approve the money, and says he is waiting to see what the Republican controlled Senate will do.