Machine At Local Hospital Helps People Walk Again

Since Jackie Bruner was paralyzed in 1969, he’s had trouble getting back on his feet.

“If you haven’t walked in a long time it’s like a car that hasn’t been running,” said Bruner. “It needs a jump start.”

Today he’s walking stronger because of a machine at Cardinal Hill Hospital.

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“This has reprogrammed my brain with my muscles and spinal cord,” said Bruner.

The G-EO machine is part of a free 10-week trial the hospital is housing. It has three unique movements that isolate different muscle groups.

Even children like Gaby Flora, are now climbing stairs.

“The level of independence it gives her is amazing,” said Father Danny Flora. “She told me the other day we need a new shower head, because she took a shower by herself.”

The problem is the hospital doesn’t have funding to keep the machine running after May 9. Bruner hopes they will find a way to keep the trial going.

“Anyone who has a chance, it will get you going. It will reprogram you,” said Bruner. “If you don’t try it, it’s your own fault.”

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