LGBT UK Health Services Survey Goes Viral


A recent UK Health Services survey went viral because of some of the questions that were asked.

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UK representatives said the survey was sent out as a way to improve the health services for the LGBT community.

At the end of the survey, students said they were asked to agree or disagree with statements like “homosexuality is a sin” or “homosexuality is a mental illness.”

According to a statement released by UK, those questions at the end of the survey were to gage students’ opinions and impressions about the LBGT community on campus.

“The end questions were a little interesting,” said Alexis Thompson, a junior at UK who took the survey. “I didn’t quite see how they pertained to the survey in general.”

Keith Elston, a family lawyer in Lexington and the Legal Director of Kentucky Youth Law Project, said at first he reacted the same way to the survey that many other people did.

“Why are they doing this? What in the world could they be thinking putting questions like this out there?” Elston said.

Elston said news about the survey went viral within 24 hours.

He is still looking over the questionnaire, but said on Thursday that the backlash against the university for being homophobic is far from the truth.

According to Elston, the text at the top of the survey said it taking it was optional, and students didn’t have to answer every question.

“I believe what happened is somebody put that out there, it got picked up by the gay media and spread around by the gay media as something that was anti-gay,” Elston said.

UK said this survey is a follow-up to a similar one from April of 2013. That survey didn’t go viral.