Lexington Police & Fire Brace For Championship Game Celebrations

Lexington Police said the department had a solid game plan for crowd control around the National Championship.

It would be the fourth time during the tournament that officers had to brace for potential game day problems.

Cars that were still parked on State Street Monday afternoon were towed away.

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Police said the temporary parking restrictions were needed to make sure vehicles were not targeted during post-game celebrations.

The Fire Department said it put out at least 80 fires last Saturday night after UK’s Final Four victory.

Police expected its largest crowd Monday night, despite some rainfall.

The department was ready to let fans celebrate the Championship game.

But officers would keep a close eye on how the partying played out.

Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said, "That’s our goal…monitor the crowd as long as something really bad isn’t happening, to let the party die down. And then at the appropriate point, bring in the street sweepers and then start removing the remaining stragglers that are staying in the street to party."