Police Plan to Watch Crowds from Land, Air


It’s a post-game plan that’s gotten a tweak of its own but police are the ones calling the shots.

They plan to keep things in control when the game ends.

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“Over the last few weeks we felt like we’ve some good celebrations that have occurred responsibly and safely,” said Lexington Police Chief Ronnie Bastin.

So far there have only been five arrests.

“Celebrating is OK, but destroying property, setting fires, blocking roadways, inciting violence or committing other crimes won’t be tolerated,” said Bastin.

“We learn each time we do an event like this and we hope to make the outcome better,” said Bastin.  “So we’re going to continue doing much of what you saw before but we’ll be adding some improvements as we go.”

Police said they plan to be monitoring crowds both on the ground and in the air.

“It allows us to see a much larger area, the officers on the ground can only maybe see a small portion of area in front of them, maybe just a few yard or a few feet depending on the crowd and then of course the darkness.” Said Sgt. Scott May with the Lexington Police Department about the helicopter police plan to use Saturday night after the game. 

The helicopter will be used to relay messages to ground patrols of what is going on.

“So if there’s a problem starting to develop deep in the crowd, maybe someone’s starting another fire, turning a vehicle over, even a fight, we can see that information,” said May.