Flooding Shuts Down Part Of Lincoln County Highway


Heavy rainfall on Thursday led to flooding on Lincoln County streets.

Road crews said Highways 698 was closed down because high waters cracked the pavement and made the road impassable.

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The Lincoln County Engineer said there was also flooding on parts of the 400 miles of roads that the county covers. Most of the water collected on bridges and was gone by the morning.

None of the county roads were shut down.

According to the transportation department, crews are having a hard time looking at the damage on Hwy 698 because the water is still covering the road.

They hope the water will recede on the highway by Saturday.

Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger said road repairs could continue into next week.

For now, there are alternate routes around Hwy 698. Emergency crews warn people to not try to drive through the waters and around the damage.