UPDATE: Police Gearing up for Final Four


Thousands of Solid Blue fans filled the streets of Lexington Sunday in celebration of UK’s win against Michigan.

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Police said so far, the celebrations have been peaceful and fans have been relatively calm.

The department was not expecting any major issues since Michigan was not as big of a rival as Louisville.

As thousands stormed the streets just after the buzzer Sunday, Lexington police were already in place.

Police would not say how many extra officers were on standby around campus after the games last Friday and Sunday. 

Police said they’re already gearing up for whatever might happen after Saturday’s Final Four game.

 “This is a situation where if need be we can have all hands on deck,” said Sherelle Roberts with the Lexington Police Department.  “We have a pretty large staff so we can handle any issues that are happening in these areas around campus but we can still police the rest of the city.”

According to police, Sunday’s crowd was a little smaller than Friday’s.

Police said around 8,000 people were in the State Street area, about 5,000 people flooded onto South Limestone and between 200 and 300 people were in near Woodland Avenue.

Lexington fire crews say there were 27 small fires each night and little property damage.  A few parking signs were stolen but police said most of those were recovered.

“Comparatively it was not as difficult as a night as it’s been in the past,” said Asst. Chief Harold Hoskins with the Lexington Fire Department.  “I think everybody’s kind of learned what’s the acceptable way to celebrate and what’s not the acceptable way of celebrating.”

Police said five people were arrested in the weekend’s celebrations.

Looking ahead, officers said they expect fans will continue to use good judgement while celebrating the tournament.