Jurors Hear Recordings Of Statements From Accused Killer

Christina Marcum, on trial for her alleged involvement in the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend’s wife, listened with the jury as audio recordings of her interviews with police were played back throughout the day.

State police said after they arrested her ex-boyfriend, Jason Singleton, he opened up about Marcum and how he wanted to cut a deal for her.

However, police reported they didn’t even know who Marcum was at the time.

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Officers did get an interview with Marcum later that same day, but they said she wanted a lawyer and she insisted she knew little of what had happened.

Days after Marcum found a lawyer, investigators called her in for a DNA test.

According to police, Marcum appeared to have a change of heart during the test — without being asked a single question by officials and without her lawyer present.

The recording quotes her as saying, "I’m willing to tell you everything I know, but you know what, I didn’t do anything. I have a daughter and I know Angela had two young daughters, and I love my daughter more than anything in this world, and believe me it breaks my heart that there are two small children out there who will never see their mother again. There’s a mother who will never be able to hold her child again… and that’s the last thing I want for my daughter."

Marcum went on to tell police that Singleton told her that he had killed his wife.

She said after Singleton told her about the murder, she became afraid, both of what Singleton might do and what police might do to her for not coming forward with the information right away.