Marcum Murder Trial Begins In Madison Co.

Christina Marcum and Jason Singleton were both charged in the 2011 murder of Angela Frazier-Singleton.

The trial of Christina Marcum, the woman charged in helping Jason Singleton allegedly kill his wife started Monday in Madison County.

Marcum is being charged with helping Singleton dispose of Angela Frazier-Singleton’s body back in January of 2011.

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Frazier-Singleton’s body was found near the Kentucky River, cut up in pieces and put into garbage bags.

Jason Singleton plead guilty to his involvement in the case and is serving 30 years in prison. He was arrested in Somerset after a standoff with police in which he took hostages.

The prosecution in the trial of Marcum began their opening arguments saying Marcum was the catalyst behind the murder. They say she was jealous that Singleton and his wife were together, and that she allegedly stalked Frazier-Singleton and threatened to kill her.

The prosecution also said Marcum lied to police when first interviewed. They said she originally told investigators she did not know Frazier-Singleton or what happened to her. They say she later changed her story, but asked for a deal before telling the truth.

The Defense said in their opening argument that Jason Singleton acted alone in the murder. They say Marcum really did not know anything about the case and that investigators were trying to pin the murder on her as some type of crime of passion.

The trial will continue Tuesday morning at the Madison County Courthouse.