Lexington Police Officer May Face Animal Cruelty Charges


A Lexington Police Officer who shot and killed a neighbor’s dog could face charges of cruelty to animals.

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The Officer Jeff Brangers admits he shot and killed his neighbor’s dog, who he says was on his property near his chicken coop.

The Scott County Sheriff Tony Hamilton said it could soon be up to the courts to decide if Brangers was protecting his property or it was animal cruelty.

Since ABC 36’s original report Monday night, Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton says more facts have come in and he’s been able to talk with the county attorney.

Sheriff Hamilton said Brangers could face animal cruelty charges if the dog’s owner, Brian Geary, files a complaint which the sheriff said is very likely.

The Scott County Attorney told ABC 36 it could take four or five days for charges to be filed.

Those charges could be a class B misdemeanor which could mean a fine or possibly jail time according to Sheriff Hamilton.

The sheriff says it now appears the dog was leaving Officer Brangers’ property when she was shot but he says if charges are filed, it will be up to the courts to interpret what Kentucky law says.

"This is down to interpretation of Kentucky Revised Statue.  Whether it goes from this line or that line, that’s what will have to come out in court,” said Sheriff Hamilton.

Lexington Police said it’s aware of the ongoing investigation regarding Officer Brangers and it has launched its own inquiry.