Georgetown Police Catch A Break in Copper Thefts

Georgetown Police make a major break in a case that spans several weeks and numerous burglaries at an AT&T facility in Scott County.

Around 11:00 Sunday night, officers were in the area of the AT&T facility off East Main Street Extension in Georgetown when they spotted two men breaking into the facility, police officials said.

Police say the officers were conducting surveillance and continued to watch the men from a covert position, but the men became spooked and suddenly ran off.

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The officers called for backup and started chasing the two suspects, police officials told ABC 36. During the chase, one of the men ended up falling into North Elkhorn Creek.

Officers quickly called for the Georgetown-Scott County Fire Department to rescue the suspect from the frigid waters.

Police officials didn’t say exactly how much copper had been stolen over the past few weeks, but they say this particular AT&T facility has been the victim to multiple thefts, likely by the same suspects.

"The … value of copper has gone up over the past several years and in a facility like this, it’s ready access,” said Georgetown Police Department Lt. Philip Halley. “The personnel here leave the wire where it’s easy access, which unfortunately leaves it to easy access to those who might take it.”

Officials said the man that fell into the creek was taken to Georgetown Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are still looking for the second man.