Conway And Beshear Discuss Opposing Same Sex Marriage Decisions


The Governor and Attorney General disagree on same sex marriage.  A federal judge ordered Kentucky to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. 

A.G. Jack Conway will not appeal the ruling, but Governor Beshear will.

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Beshear says he wrestled with what to do, and Conway says he prayed on his decision.  In the end, they disagree.

After Conway called opposing same sex marriage discrimination on Tuesday, Wednesday he took his position further. 

Conway said he supported same sex marriages performed in Kentucky.

"People can have their religious views, but when you’re sitting in a job like I have right now you have to think about what the government ought to do, and I don’t think we ought to discriminate," said Conway.

Beshear said he is appealing to avoid legal chaos.  He recognized he upset many in the LGBT community.

"What I would say to them is I’m doing this for them as much for your future as I am for anybody else’s future," said Beshear.

Beshear said he did not decide to appeal for any political gains.

Conway said his decision was about putting people over politics, but he admitted he thought about the ramifications. 

"If I have people like you next 2015 look up and say, ‘Well he had his moment, but that cost him the Governor’s race.’  I’ll have my head held high.  I slept well last night.  I slept really well for the first time in a long time, and I don’t think it’s going to cost me that," said Conway.

Beshear and Conway say the respect one another’s decisions. 

Conway says time will be on his side.

"We used to discriminate against women.  We used to discriminate against African-Americans, we used to discriminate against those with disabilities.  It seems to me that at this point, where we are as a society, that this is the only minority group that a significant portion of people still think it’s OK to discriminate against," said Conway.

Beshear was asked if he wanted to win the appeal.  He did not say yes, or no.  The Governor said he hopes the appeal moves quickly.