Road Crews Not Waiting Around For Storm


Lexington Road Crews said they’re not waiting around for this storm to hit before they start clearing the streets – they’re getting to work now.

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Workers said because of the rain, they weren’t able to pre-treat the road with rock salt. If they did put down salt, it would just wash away.

Albert Miller, Lexington Streets and Road Director, said Saturday’s 50-degree temperatures should help them in the long run because the ground is still above freezing.

Crews worked this afternoon on the storm drains. They were clearing the gutters to minimize flooding.

They said those storm drains can also freeze over when temperatures fall below freezing.

Managers said doing storm drain maintenance is just one way they’re getting ahead of the storm.

Lexington crews were in at noon to also fill up gas tanks and check equipment.

“There’s a lot of different equipment involved with this type of forecast,” Miller said. “So we’re making sure all of that’s ready to go and we want to make sure we’re there before it gets really bad if we can.”